Teacher Bailout? Mr. President, No Thank You

The Obama administration is seeking to bailout teachers

Mr. President, I am a public school teacher and I’d just like to say no thank you. 

Last summer my salary was cut and we switched to a cheaper health insurance to help my district balance its budget, and next year all teachers in my state will take a cut in salary to offset retirement costs.  We are in difficult economic times, but we got here because well intended people (like you) threw money at education as if it could solve all our problems.  Like many districts, mine greedily spent the money thrown at it for fear of losing it, and this led to incredible wastes: excessive staffing, compensation, technology, and unnecessary building projects, all in the name of education.  But alas, none of those things can guarantee educational success, and in fact, success in education rarely has anything to do with them. Throwing more money at us will only enable us to continue to waste the public’s money.  Our hard times are a necessary evil that will force us to become more efficient, more focused on our mission, and thus more effective educators. So please stop trying to micro-manage what you clearly don’t understand. Thanks for your empathy, but your help is definitely not wanted or needed.

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