This is the tenth of the several amendments to our Constitution I’m hoping Santa will magically bring me Christmas morning in order to restore limits to our national government  so that when I tell my kids with a straight face that two of the principles of our Constitution are limited government and federalism. Also below are links to the first 9 proposals for those people who like to read a old man’s ramblings

Proposal #10 – Clarifying Personhood and the Power to Regulate Immigration and Citizenship and Removing Incentives for Illegal Immigration

 Section 1. For the Purpose of this Constitution, the Word “Person” shall not be construed to exclude any Human Being born or unborn, from Conception to Deathm regardless of Viability outside of the Womb.

Section 2. Only Citizens of the United States shall be permitted to exercise the Right to Vote, and nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to deny a State from excluding Ballots challenged on the Suspicion of Fraud from the final and official Enumeration of any Vote, unless the Voter (Elector) verifies their Qualifications to Vote within seven Days.

Section 3. Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to deny the Congress or the several States the Power to require that Aliens carry and present (under Penalty of Law) the Documents that testify to their legal Status, nor is the Congress or the several States denied the Power to regulate the Commerce (other than emergency Services) or to impair the Contracts and Agreements with a Person on account of that Person being unlawfully in the territory United States or that of the several states, nor shall the several States be denied the Power to seize, detain, or deport such a Person if the  national Government fails to do so upon Notification by that State.

Section 4. The Phrase “Subject to the Jurisdiction thereof” (the United States) was included in the 14th Amendment to this Constitution, along with the enabling Clause of that Amendment, to give the Congress the Power to regulate who, among the Persons born in the United States that are not a Child of a Citizen of the United States, shall be considered a Citizen of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Section 5. The first Clause of the ninth Section of the first Article of this Constitution explicitly reinforces the Principle that regulating Immigration is a concurrent Power held by both the Congress and each of the several States, and this Fact is further reinforced by the absence of any Prohibition against a State executing such Power either in the tenth Section of the first Article or anywhere else in this Constitution, therefore the Congress cannot directly deny the Right of any State to prohibit or limit the migration of Aliens into its Territory.

Section 6. Any Citizen of the United States who is under the Age of 18 (a Child), not emancipated, and whose only custodial Parent or legal Guardian is deported must also leave with said Person (Parent or legal Guardian), unless said Person (Parent or legal Guardian) willingly transfers legal custody to a fit Guardian who is a lawful Resident of the United States, or unless a Court duly transfers legal Custody or grants the Emancipation of the Child when it deems it in the best Interest of the Child, and what is to be construed as “fit” or “in the best Interest of the Child,” in accordance to this Provision, shall be governed by the Law of the Jurisdiction from which a particular Case arises.

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