Most of us know better than to spoil our kids or to feed the bears because it creates dependency and only leads them to disrespect us in the end.

We don’t do these things because we don’t want a mouthy forty year-old “kid” thinking he/she can live in our basement, or we don’t want to wake up to find our garbage scatter in our yard and possibly a bear in our refrigerator.

So why all the shock and uproar over at CNN/Obama Campaign headquarters when Romney criticizes our country’s bloated and excessive welfare state?

Contrary to the Democratic talking points, Republicans believe senior citizens should be guaranteed the Social Security and Medicare they spent a lifetime paying for.

Republicans believe we should help those who become unemployed, disabled, or who are currently struggling to survive due to some other misfortune.

The major difference  between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to helping the unfortunate is that Republicans believe that unless a person is unable to help himself, then there ought to be time limits on the help he receives and there ought to be some strings tied to that help to discourage dependency and to ensure that we don’t weaken the incentives to work, create, and contribute to our great country.

Democrats on the other hand, seek to increase the amount of help, and to remove the limits and conditions placed on that help people receive from the government. For Democrats, dependency on (government) means-tested programs to continuously pay for food, shelter, healthcare, etc. is a means of redistributing the wealth, and is a matter of social justice.

The Democrat’s perverted idea of justice only blinds them to the destructive consequences of their policies. They can’t see that the over-subsidization of the lower class has an inflationary effect that diminishes the purchasing power of the middle class, and they can’t see that squeezing the private sector (the most productive and innovative sector) of the economy to (redistribute the wealth) pay for more entitlements ultimately causes the private sector to shed more jobs leading to increased unemployment, poverty, and consequently more dependency on the government. In effect, under the leadership of Democrats the government  becomes a poverty making machine. They say they’re working to end poverty, but instead they’re encouraging it.

Is it any surprise then that under Democratic leadership, more jobs have been lost than have been created, the number of people on welfare and food stamps has dramatically risen, and the Democrats have tried to eliminate the work requirements for welfare?

For Democrats, dependency is a means to an end – social justice.  For Republicans, dependency only deepens the divide between the rich and the poor.

The election comes down to this: If you want more poverty vote for Obama, but if you want more jobs vote for Romney. It’s that simple.