A couple of weeks ago, Mitt Romney took a lot of flack for a video recording that showed him saying something to the effect that many of the 47% who don’t pay income taxes see themselves as victims.  In response to this video, many on the Left complained: How could he say something like this? How could he be so insensitive?
Mr. Romney has already stated that his comments were inarticulate, but were they unfair?
To best answer any of these questions, Mr. Romney’s comments need to be put into context. They were made last winter  when the vulgarity of the Occupy Wall Street protests was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Do you remember OWS protesters? How can anyone forget. They were the so-called “99%,” who were defecating on private and public property and complaining they were the victims of the 1%, of corporate greed, and of government neglect. They complained about how as they see it, the government bails out the 1% and banks, but they get nothing; no bailouts.

Nothing? Really? How could they say something like that? How could they be so insensitive?

As far as I can tell, Romney’s video taped comments were simply voicing the frustration many Americans feel whenever they hear people, who are  already well subsidized by taxpayers and yet pay no income tax themselves,  complain that  those who do pay most of the taxes in this country aren’t paying enough, when what they should be saying is thank you.


Since they won’t say it, I will. Thank you Mr. Romney, and thank you American taxpayers whoever you are.