According to a Reuters’ poll 60% of Americans strongly oppose intervention in Syria. I’m not surprised since American life, liberty or property have not been attacked.   I sympathize with foreigners who are oppressed and killed by their governments as I’m sure many Americans do, but the law is the law and it doesn’t permit the President to unilaterally commit our nation to war when Americans have not been attacked or are not in immenent danger of being attacked. That limit on his authority exists to protect our lives, liberty, and property from over-zealous President who doesn’t have our interests first and foremost. The President took an oath to defend our (American) constitutional rights (and not anbody else) and he doesn’t need to wait for the Congress to give him permission to honor that oath, but without such provocation, the Congress decides when we go to war.

I suppose the 40% who don’t oppose intervention in Syria are the same people who supported the President’s illegal war in Libya, and who support his current call for amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for criminal-aliens.

I’m not sure how anyone but the constitutionally illiterate and/or freebee receipients can support the President when he contiues to honor his apparent oath to protect and serve non-Americans at the expense of Americans.

If his audacity grows any more, soon American citizenship will have no benefits that aliens won’t also enjoy either legally, or because this clown and his liberal (and “conservative”) circus continues to look other way when it comes to doing their job of representing Americans and enforcing our laws first and foremost. Soon the U.S. government will become not just the policeman to the world, but the welfare agency to the world, when amnesty and a pathway citizenship open the floodgates by sending the message that all you need to do is get in (no matter how) and you are one of us; and you now qualify (for freebees too). 

When does President Obama put our constitutional rights first? Does he have to wait until someone makes them up first, like in the case of healthcare, marriage equality, and abortion? Does he believe that aliens have a constitutional right to immigrate to the United States, or that once here (no matter how they got here) they are constitutionally entitled to excused for their crimes and to become citizens, or is he still awaiting that evolution?