What’s an ordinary conservative to do?

    Conservatives seem to be at a distinct disadvantage in the marketplace of ideas these days. Ideas don’t seem to be very influential among the populace. Conservatives find themselves a minority in the halls of power, if not among the voting population as a whole. One of the major reasons for the shift in power is the Left’s application of Saul Alinsky‘s Rules for Radicals. Leftist | Read More »

    Online Presidential Townhall Thursday

    The President is holding an online Townhall Meeting tomorrow (Thurs). The idea is for the public (mostly HIS public, since it’s being promoted at and to submit questions online (text is ok, but they prefer video), and Obama will answer them (live!) online. This week’s broad topic is the Economy, but there are several subcategories to organize the questions. I didn’t do a | Read More »

    Prayer Chain During Obama’s Infomercial

    Sen. Obama’s 30-minute infomercial is tomorrow night (Wed. Oct. 29) at 8:00 Eastern. Is anybody interested in participating in a prayer chain during that half-hour? I believe we are fighting a spiritual battle in this election, and invite fellow believers to join with me. Millions of people will be watching and listening to Sen. Obama. Please join with me and pray that their eyes would | Read More »