Why is the Unemployment Rate so High?

    In 2007, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid acted quickly to write and pass the first “Economic Stimulus” package in order to save the economy. In fact, they performed a bonafide miracle. Whereas normally it takes months or years to write new legislation – they just pulled a complete package ready to “save our economy” out of thin air. Furthermore, they managed to write the entire | Read More »

    The End is Near

    The End is Near The buzz is everywhere. Not the same “Repent, for the End is Near” religious fervor that one see’s from the images of Hollywood.  It is not that the “World” is coming to an end. The “World” will go on.  It is not that “Armageddon” is upon us – in a biblical sense.  Rather, the buzz is that our “Way of Life” | Read More »

    What’s actually in the Healthcare bill?

    So you want to know what is actually in the health care bill? Below is a summation of all 1000+ pages, brought to you by Mathew D. Staver, Professor of Law Liberty Counsel – Liberty University School of Law and courtesy of Human   Obama Health Care Plan Details HR 3200 currently under consideration in the House of Representatives  *HC = “Health Care” Pg 22 | Read More »

    Liberal Freaks on on the Defense

    The Liberal Freaks are fortifying their defensive positions. With the congressional recess barely underway, they have already begun their campaigns to portray ANY American who dares to question the authority of the President, or the Democrat Congress as a Right Wing Nut. The problem is that most of these people – Are Democrats. read more…

    Unemployment Hardest on 18 -24 year olds

    We all know that the current national unemployment rate of 9.7% represents only those people who are currently collecting unemployment benefits. It doesn’t count the millions of unemployed who have already burned through their unemployment and still cannot find work. By some estimates that puts the actual unemployment rate at about 14% read more ….

    Fat Cat T-Boone Pickins – Ponzi Scheme [Closed]

    [Hello dzinen.  While we welcome cross-posted diaries here at RedState, we do ask that those who use our site post the full article here, rather than using our site as free promotion for your own site by making our readers click through.  Please respect our requirements in the future. Further, we ask that you watch your language. Thank you. – Neil Stevens]

    How to: Become an Emperor

    Article Source How would you like to become an Emperor? When you break it down, it really is not all that difficult. All you really need is the will to do it, a lot of money (or supporters with money), and a great deal of audacity. Follow these 5 steps and you too can become Emperor of a nation, ANY nation. Control Information: Media & | Read More »