GE can go shove those Ronald Reagan tribute videos

    If you want to start a GE bashing fest start your own diary and do it. OK I did it. There are two things that matter about messages. You can drill down as deep as you want to, and it’s always true. Apply it to bridge building, football, politics, cribbage, recipes, resumes, witnesses in court, and chocolate. Never a variance to left or to right. | Read More »


    Return to Sender

    Today, for reasons I get but don’t appreciate, all the buzz in the political world is about one thing: Barack’s annual State of the Union address before the combined Congress, assorted dignitaries, media hounds, and a national TV audience. Just about every angle is being breathlessly pursued: Will Barack pivot to the center, at least with his words? Will he take credit for an imaginary | Read More »


    It sure is good to be a gangsta

    If you want the favor and goodness of the United States government, if you want all the muscle of the United States leaning your way, then I know one thing: It’s good to be a gangsta Want the boot of America on your neck? Want America to spit in your face? Meddle with your internal politics, or worse, stand aside, hold coats as it were, | Read More »

    Herman Cain announces presidential exploratory committee

    From the diaries by Erick It begins. There has been a good bit of ‘presidential’ buzz about Herman Cain in the right online community, and in the conservative camp in general. He’s not been shy about admitting that he’s considering it. Now he’s taking the next step. I had the privilege of speaking with him for a half-hour last night after he was done with | Read More »

    Clyburn (D, House Leadership) admits that so-called Fairness Doctrine curbs free speech

    In the aftermath of the Tucson shooting outrage by a loony lone gunman who seems to have had no interest in talk radio, the Left has nevertheless stuck with the Rahm Emanuel adage “Never let a crisis go to waste”. I’ll not recite all the details and examples. You know them. I just want to point out something interesting that came from the mouth of | Read More »

    The President I will have

    All the cool people were chiming in with their presidential qualifications list. I thought I’d try to be trendy and urbane too. Possibly smoke some cigarettes with those fancy quellazaires and blowing smoke rings, while breezily opining on the matters of the day. That’s still cool, right? OK, now the fun and games are over. I mean that. What’s been done to this country the | Read More »

    Democrat Lame Duck follies are a moral violation against America

    Some things are just wrong, even if they are legal. Some things are dishonorable to such a degree that the perpetrators ought to be scorned and shunned from civil society. The perpetrators of the 2010 Lame Duck follies — chief among them Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi — are reprobates of that order. The rest of them are scarcely better for having lent | Read More »

    The case for Joe Barton as Chairman of Energy and Commerce

    [from the diaries by haystack~nice work EPU] [Full disclosure – Joe Barton is my congressman. I have met him in passing and have sat in a couple of meetings he has conducted, since I was once a precinct chairman. Likewise I have met a handful of his staff, who also probably have no memory of me.] You may know Joe Barton only as the guy | Read More »

    Dear 52

    Hate what you’ve done to the place. Now get out. The grownups have a huge mess to clean up. Hope you like your new name. I know I sure do. Henceforth you shall be called…. 46 . Be seeing ya. [It’s the closest I could find, at this early date, to a nationwide tally of who voted for who, a ballpark average of the Senate | Read More »

    Americans, start your cameras!

    They’re stealing on an epic scale this time. And you think they are unstoppable. You think they can manufacture phony votes, deny the vote to overseas military, rig enough voting machines, and commit enough intimidation to change the outcomes of far too many elections next Tuesday. With the Justice Department under Eric Holder, Democrat cheating is now for all intents codified into law. The stories | Read More »

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