The Impact of Venture Philanthropy on Local Politics

    On July 16th, Shelby County (TN) Commissioner Walter Bailey, asked “What will we say to the Gates Foundation if we don’t pass the property tax increase requested by schools (which ultimately passed 2 weeks later)?” He was referring to the grant of 90 million dollars that the Gates Foundation awarded to Memphis City Schools back in 2009. While philanthropy should be honored and revered, taxpayers | Read More »

    Corker Lies about his Fellow Republicans

    As a resident of Tennessee for more than 10 years, I have stopped expecting my Senators to act like Republicans. I remember attending a meeting with Senator Corker in Washington DC where he pointed to the fact that moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats take the place of a third party. Clearly, Corker sees himself as just that type of Republican, but he still identifies as | Read More »

    Boy Scouts, Catholic Church and Kermit Gosnell

    Recently Hollywood announced a movie planned about the Catholic church sex scandals as uncovered by the Boston Globe in a January 2002 article. ( These scandals were highly publicized with the first story to reach national news in 1985 and more stories breaking in the 1990s. Ever since, there has been a steady stream of bad publicity and bad jokes about the scandals and the | Read More »

    For the Children: An Exercise in Trampling the Suburbs to Feed Big City Government

    Education is often cited as one of the biggest factors in predicting a person’s future success. A strong work ethic, while often overlooked is also an important factor and deserves a mention. When I first moved to the Memphis area 13 years ago, I chose to live outside the city of Memphis so my kids could attend Shelby County Schools instead of Memphis City Schools. | Read More »

    Mid-South Tea Party takes on Progressives in Shelby County and Wins!

    After what was for me, the stunning re-election of Barack Obama, I was tempted to retreat like a turtle into its’ shell and declare an end to my short career as a political activist. I was sucked back into activism through my local tea party, the Mid-South Tea Party, and the friends I have made there. Our tea party focuses on local, state and federal | Read More »

    Tennessee House District 45: A Primary Race that Should Matter to all Tennessee Republicans

    One of the biggest takeaways from the recent unsuccessful recall effort in Wisconsin was that the politicians making tough decisions for the good of the people they serve can and do get rewarded for their courage. In 2011, Republicans in Wisconsin made bold decisions in the face of protests and threats to pass legislation that turned the state’s deficit into a surplus. Unfortunately a few | Read More »

    Entrepreneurs, a Leap of Faith, and What Does it Really Mean to “Create a Job”

    Posted on my office bulletin board is a page torn from a copy of Memphis magazine showing one of their covers from 1978.  It is titled “The Federal Express Flop”.  I keep it here to remind me about determination and how great ideas need a committed champion.   Anyone traveling to the Memphis airport on a Sunday can see a huge fleet of Federal Express airplanes, | Read More »

    Why doesn’t everyone think like me?

    Just weeks into the Obama Presidency I expected everyone to be coming out with pitchforks to knock this conceited joker out of office.  I couldn’t believe people didn’t see him the way I did.   I am a slow learner.   After the tea party events on April 15, 2009, I watched on Keith Olbermann’s show how he and J. Garafalo went after the tea partiers as | Read More »

    Shelby County TN GOP Convention

    I am still dipping my toe in the pool of local party politics.  I have done a lot of volunteering and joined the party and a local GOP club.  Last month we had our precinct caucuses to select delegates for the GOP county convention.  We were allowed to send 10 delegates, but only had 2 of us at the caucus.  I was the only one | Read More »

    My most painful lesson from the health care fight

    I got engaged in the fight to save America’s health care system early on.  After attending the tax day protests, I was inspired to join tea party groups and we mobilized early.  One such event was a counter-protest at Senator Corker’s office as we had heard word that some Move-On astroturf would be flooding Senate offices that day.  A large group of us (outnumbering the | Read More »