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    Bend Over America, Here it Comes

    Ok. Let’s face it. Special interests are going to RULE in Congress with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Two weeks ago the automakers, facing public opposition to a $25 billion bail out went home on their private jets with their tails between their legs to come up with a plan to save America’s unionized auto production companies. Congress, not willing to take the heat, needed | Read More »

    Obamas Cabinet Picks Leaked WASHINGTON, DC — President to be Obama’s short list for his cabinet reveals a new direction for America, true diversity, experienced leaders, and creative thinking. Although not yet public, the preliminary appointments according to key sources are shaping up as follows: Economic Team:Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors – Rep. Barney FrankSecretary of the Treasury – Rep. William JeffersonSecretary of Commerce – Rep. Charlie Rangel | Read More »

    BEWARE: Obama’s Hidden Tax on Working Families

    It’s absolutely amazing how Barack Obama has snookered the American people, especially one fifth of conservatives if you believe the polls, into believing he will cut taxes for 95% of the American people. It’s a wonderful promise especially in light of the huge spending increases he needs to implement to pay for his plethora of new handouts. Few in the media or politics have been | Read More »

    Oh Johnny Oh.

    Aside from the initial nervousness, the two who would be President delivered predictable performances last night and at the conclusion of the exchange the dynamics of the race had not changed one iota. McCain has substance, Obama has form. Put political philosophy aside and the two of them might have made a great father-son team. McCain missed an opportunity to hit the ball out of | Read More »

    Congrats! We have just bought AIG

    Congratulations fellow taxpayers. Tomorrow the Federal Reserve will use our money and take 80% of the failing and about to be bankrupt AIG. What a great opportunity this is for us to show the world how benevolent we Americans are. In the interest of financial markets stability (is there really such a thing?) we will embark upon one of the biggest corporate welfare moves in | Read More »

    Half Time Break

    Forgive me for not blogging. The NFL season started and I have been occupied rooting for my teams and against our opponents. Not unlike politics, but absent the high stakes and ramifications if the game doesn’t turn out as one would like. Perhaps the most difficult thing this year is that I am not excited about either Presidential candidate. My preferred candidates erupted in the | Read More »

    Governor Palin, Obama’s Nightmare.

    What is amazing is the real fear you see in the eyes of feminists reacting to the selection of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. Chants of “she’s not a real woman” or “she against women’s issues” or “she’s too extreme” are running through the minds of those nasty liberals looking to discredit her even before the country gets to know her. I | Read More »