How to Stop Trump

    Trump’s appeal is based largely on 3 things it seems: 1. People say he ‘tells it like it is’ 2. People think he will protect the little guy. 3. People think he is a successful businessman who will shake up Washington   Rubio and some SuperPACs are starting to expose the lie that he always looks out for the little guy. Most of his career | Read More »

    Trump and the Problem of Open Primaries

    I was just listening to John Fund on the Dennis Prager show. He said 21/50 states have open primaries (including NH and SC). Trump does better in these states because he does better with moderate republicans and independents and attracts blue collar democrats. The state parties make their own rules about whether they have open primaries or not, so much of our Trump problem has | Read More »

    Dear (R) talking point writers: Obamacare already raised taxes 3.4% on 200k+ non-investment income

    The 3.8% surtax applies to the lesser of you investment income the amount of your income over 200k (250k for married filing jointly). And I believe it is calculated BEFORE deductions. Until this week I didn’t realize this could apply to income and just ‘investment’ income. Republicans need to hammer this home during budget talks. OBAMA ALREADY RAISED TAXES ON THE EVIL RICH PEOPLE. | Read More »

    4 Medicare talking points R’s are not making but need to

    1. Medicare as we know it will end if we do nothing. Right now I think the projection is that it will be bankrupt in about 8 years, and currently it’s borrowing 40-50% of every dollar that it spends. So Medicare as we know it will end. I just saw an NBC poll that had 55% saying it could be solvent in its present form or | Read More »

    If it’s a tax, can we get rid of it through reconciliation?

    Turnabout is fair play of course. First, can the senate  pass tax changes with just 50 votes? Second, if not we should be able to get rid of the mandate through reconciliation, which we should be able to pull off if we keep the house, get seats in the senate, and Romney wins.

    Delayed Obamacare Ruling Indicates the Court is Striking Down Multiple Parts?

    The Obamacare ruling is taking a long time to be delivered. Many people were expecting it today. I haven’t heard this anywhere, but I was just thinking that perhaps the delay in issuing the ruling is partly due to the fact that they are striking down large parts of the law and therefore it is a long and complicated opinion to write. If you recall, | Read More »

    How Santorum Should Explain ‘Theology’ Comment and ‘Theocracy’ charges: Pay Attention Uneducated Media

    I happened to watch some MSNBC today while flipping through the channels. Al Sharpton was in a fury over Santorum’s theology remark, claiming he was saying the President wasn’t a Christian and then walking it back and bringing up the whole line about ‘We aren’t a theocracy’. If Santorum is the nominee we a going to hear the ‘theocrat’ charge non-stop, and there is a | Read More »

    Logical Fallacies of Jon Hunstman and the Elite Media

    I am so sick of hearing the elite media and their favorite Republican call conservatives anti-science and pushing the idea that there is absolute consensus on global warming and evolution. On the most basic level, these appeals to scientific authority are only valid if the authorities are not significantly biased. In the case of both global warming and evolution, the scientific establishment is EXTREMELY | Read More »

    Six Powerful Arguments Republicans Never Make, In Sound Byte Form

    Why are Republicans so bad at messaging? The Democrats know their talking points and repeat them over and over. The result is that people start to believe them, and democrat talking points end up framing the national dialogue. Here are six simple and powerful arguments Republicans can use as 10 second sound bytes, many of which I have NEVER HEARD: 1. The Stimulus package could | Read More »

    Why Aren’t Dems Happy About a Keynesian Stimulus?

    If I remember my macroeconomics class correctly, isn’t any tax cut a keynesian stimulus, just as any government spending is a stimulus. According to the theory, in both cases shouldn’t either one have some type of temporary multiplier effect on GDP as whoever gets the tax cuts spend the money on goods which then goes to pay workers which then spend the money, etc.? It | Read More »