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    Help McCain’s campaign

    Due to some different circumstances in my life,I now have a TON of free time… I did not know what to do with it,but then I decided that I am going to volunteer for McCain/Palin’s campaign! I want to get out there and do something! If we all helped out,we would have a better shot at seeing our man in the white house.I want to | Read More »


    I have hope again!

    So up until this point,I was pretty sure we were looking @ a Democratic victory for this election.I thought we had NO chance against Obama….Today when McCain introduced Palin,I had hope. She did such a good job! I was a HUGE Romney supporter,and I was dissapointed when at first when he was not picked as VP.Well,after hearing Pailn’s speech,I was won over.She speaks so well,and | Read More »

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