Eliot Bakker is a strategic consultant currently based in Brussels, Belgium where he advises American businesses on breaking into new European markets. Originally from the Tar Heel State, Eliot has been, at different times in his life, an entrepreneur, small business owner and political commentator. An international news junkie, Eliot is especially interested in US foreign and economic policy.


    Sheldon Adelson’s misguided gambit on online gambling and its offshoots

    Sheldon Adelson is a man who doesn’t shy away from making a bet. He should know, he built his career and amassed the world’s 8th largest fortune thanks to his Las Vegas Sands Corporation and its bricks-and-mortar establishment spread across two continents. But his latest foray into politics betrays a complete disconnect from the policies that would help this country move forward. Adelson has been | Read More »

    KeystoneXL or how environmentalists have hijacked our national interest.

    Something is seriously wrong in the White House. President Obama’s foreign policy track record has gone from bad to worse with each new mishandled crisis. Appalingly, he has proven unable to take action and stop bloodshed in Syria and has gone against the long-standing US tradition of not negotiating with terrorist states by signing a disastrous deal with Iran. And now our dear leader has | Read More »

    Why Hasn’t Obama Fired Sebelius?

    Earlier this month, ten Republican senators sent an unprecedented letter to President Obama urging that he fire Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who has served under Obama since 2009. As the Obama care debacle drags on, however, the administration has refused to send her packing. Sebelius, for her part, as an interesting defense, saying that, “the majority of people calling for me to | Read More »

    After Obama, Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

    Apart from perhaps a small group of die-hard liberals, commentators from around the world generally agree that Barack Obama did not deserve to win the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The newly-elected President had not accomplished anything newsworthy besides beating John McCain in the race to the White House. (Many would even question if he has accomplished anything positive since 2008.) Obama’s lack of achievements did | Read More »

    Russia Worried About U.S. Government Shutdown

    “The Elephants Are Robbing The U.S. Government”, read the headline of today’s Rossiiskaya Gazeta, a state-run daily newspaper circulated in 41 Russian cities. The headline, a jab at House Republicans, shows the level of interest that the current budget countdown is attracting in Russia and around the world. Many Russians are worried about the economic shockwaves of a government shutdown as the financial effects of | Read More »