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Elizabeth Ross-Harrison is a freelance political writer from Pennsylvania. Before writing about politics, she spent the better part of 25 years working for various political campaigns in various capacities from local to federal level, including a few for causes as opposed to people.


    Catch-22 for U.S. on Egypt?

    Even as this is typed, it is a fair guess that the situation in Egypt is changing, at least a little. Western media has been illustrating the fluidity of the Egyptian protests by highlighting the speed of information being posted in social media forums like Twitter (in spite of attempts by Mubarak’s government to prevent it), and by regular updates to the story – a | Read More »

    Who is winning the ad-war in PA Governor’s race?

    If truth in advertising is even a small part of winning the battle, hands-down the winner is Tom Corbett. Thanks to Pittsburgh radio station WDUQ for fact-checking the most recent crop of campaign ads in the Pennsylvania Gubernatorial race. To place things in a little more perspective, WDUQ’s contention about the energy tax having to do with natural gas extraction, not cap and trade – | Read More »

    Farewell Dr. Laura

    I didn’t like your show, got annoyed with your comments more than a few times, but like anyone else I don’t like in the media, I respected your right to speak your mind. What is really bothering me right now is the fact that I’m finding myself in agreement with Michelle Malkin on your departure. Bluntly, it is a matter of so much [redacted]. Admittedly, | Read More »

    Obama, Holder and Hypocrisy

    Picture a polling place on election day, with a group of poll watchers standing just inside the door. It’s not raining, or particularly cold out – they are avoiding a group of individuals that are accosting voters on their way in to vote, using threatening language against anyone that they think shouldn’t be voting. Their goal is obviously to control the polls for the day, | Read More »

    Obama, Hayward, Barton and the BP Oil Spill

    Now that everyone has had their chance to complain about all of the major players in the BP Oil Spill, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on what it all really means. The Congressional Hearing with Tony Hayward started off with quite a bit to keep the media hopping. While there was just a little coverage on the crazy woman that decided to | Read More »

    Pennsylvanians on Health Care

    Over the past several months I’ve been keeping track of the Health Care debate, primarily because as a political blogger it’s expected of me, but also because I’ve been generally disappointed in most of what I am seeing. Buzz words like “public option” and “single-payer” have been bandied about, but rarely with any real explanations for voters. And then I ended up with a generally | Read More »