Someone should ask Russ Feingold about the privacy of Americans

    Earlier this year, Sen. Russell Feingold issued a statement to denouce warrantless surveillance of Americans. In part, he said That is why on the Senate floor, I joined with Senator Webb and Senator Tester earlier this year to offer an amendment to provide real protections for the privacy of Americans. There were (allegedly) very real violations of the privacy of an American in Holland, | Read More »

    The speech I want McCain to give

    First posted as comment to Blackhedd’s diary. Still working on it My friends, my name is John McCain and I seek your vote as the next President of the United States. My opponent has been giving speeches pointing out that house prices, retirement plan values, the number of jobs and consumer confidence have been falling. They are and they have been. His conclusion is this | Read More »

    Child from The Galilee dies

    The child from the Galilee died. WWBD. What would Barak have done? The child I am referring to was being carried by a 26-year old woman “in the fifth month of her pregnancy when she underwent a series of tests…It was discovered that she was suffering from internal bleeding and that the embryo had ceased to show signs of life,” according to The Jerusalem Post. | Read More »

    Premature baby ‘comes back to life’

    I offer the following without comment other than to say that my thoughts are prayers are with the child and her parents A premature baby who was pronounced dead “came back to life” Sunday after five hours in Nahariya Hospital. The baby girl, who was in a cooler at the hospital, suddenly showed signs of life and was being treated in the premature baby unit. | Read More »