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    Sure To Be Compromised: ICE Inc Exposes SOC Email Passwords

    Sure To Be Compromised: ICE Inc Exposes SOC Email Passwords – SOC IT Contractor’s Practices are Eminently Attackable

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    Don’t Go Unarmed Into That Good SM Night

    I have a fantasy picture in my head of that ‘dude’ at the Washington GOP office (or their highly paid PR firm) pausing periodically between sexts to his array of ‘dolls’ to check for the Twitter tech support staff’s reply to his email asking how he can delete others’ Tweets.  When it arrives, he will learn that he can’t delete those Tweets.  Darn. Twitter isn’t | Read More »

    CA Tea Party Organizes CRP Caucus – with Effective Tech

    Caucus Floor Mgmnt at the CRP?   It’s major good news, both politically and on the tech front as the Tea Party California Caucus (TPCC), a collection of Tea Party organizations from up and down California, announces its intent to be present at the California Republican Party (CRP) Convention in October as a formal caucus. I dare say that many Tea Party activists may well look back | Read More »

    Dem Supermajority in Sacramento is gone. Can you help make it permanent??

    You probably saw the ‘supermajority’ San Jose Mercury News story – as least, if you’re a Californian. The Dem supermajority in the CA Assembly ended when Bob Blumenfield in the 45th resigned his assembly seat to take his seat on the LA City Council. We have a chance to refuse the Dems a return to that supermajority in a race without an incumbent in Assembly | Read More »

    Give up on cyber-security now?? Or later?

    You might feel more that a bit assailed these days if you value privacy. (read on, we’ll give you the solution below)  Recent headlines: The NSA, CIA and FBI claim to have FISA court authorization to watch anything you do on the Internet or cellular networks; in spite of many legal prohibitions against the NSA and CIA engaging in domestic spying. Microsoft gives your email/cloud | Read More »

    Bring the real GOP power to your county

    The idea that electoral power can be seized from central authority and exercised locally is gaining traction in many more quarters. Well worth reading today is a Forbes article by Ralph Benko (read the whole thing: “Will Republican Superdonors Rein In Karl Rove And Other GOP Rogue Elephants?“). In his article, Benko explains that superdonors are getting very wary of RNC promises to deploy tech that will | Read More »

    NSA Sharing Data with NRCC??

    The NSA apparently has not forsaken all integrity – in truly ecumenical fashion, they appear to be sharing data with the NRCC as well as the IRS and OFA*. Lots of folks, including Jim Geraghty at NRO have noticed that former Obama campaign org OFA is sending out those creepy ‘OFA-is-watching-you-personally-by-name’ emails. I’m a tech evangelist who’s constantly calling attention to tech that our adversaries get right, | Read More »

    Bi-Coastal Hackathons Reveal Depth of GOP Tech Bench

    Deep, deep – and very wide. That’s the measure of the bench waiting to play on the GOP tech reserve.  We’re about to see that fact brilliantly illustrated this month. Two events later this month will clearly illustrate the width and depth of the GOP Tech bench in reaching for new digital solutions to bring to the conservative ground game in the 2014 and 2016 | Read More »

    RNC Hires Ghost Firms for Crucial Digital Mission

    It’s been roughly a month since the RNC hired Liberty Works and Data Trust to carry out what many consider the RNC’s most crucial mission of the next few election cycles for the GOP: furnish the digital infrastructure for electoral victory against the robust set of tools that the Democrats have put in place over the last 10 years. The sad news at this point | Read More »

    Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

    It seemed like the one thousandth call I’d taken from a Tea Party activist attempting our well-known strategy of putting our people in voting seats in our local county and state parties.   This activist and his Tea Party cohort had actually had far more success than he fully realized. In a well known county in Colorado, they had put several Tea Party members in | Read More »

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