Time to revisit 1776 – the Movie, Get the popcorn going…

With our Independence Day celebration just 2 days away, perhaps now would be a good time for many to revisit the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical comedy -1776- and the struggle in creating the United States Declaration of Independence.

1776 Poster  (imdb.com)

We saw the movie for the first time a few years ago and by the end of it felt uplifted, encouraged, hopeful…and especially thankful that for some reason, beyond our reasoning, God allowed us to be born in the most wonderful democratic country on earth! There may be some of you who have never seen this movie. You know the outcome when the film starts yet throughout the entire piece you are waiting for what happens next. Quite a bit of the dialog was taken from actual letters and documents of the Continential Congress. Sure, there are spots when you might say, “move it along”, but overall it is a most enjoyable experience to watch.

The letters John Adams and his wife Abigal exchange while all the “debating” is going on give insight into what the times were like. We enjoyed Benjamin Franklin, played by Howard De Silva. There are many well known actors from that time period in this movie.

Have I convinced you yet? Netflix, Blockbuster, eBay…however you can, get your hands on this movie. Sit down with your family and get into the American Independence Day spirit.  Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn, and make it super buttery and have a giant soda with it!

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