Groan, Ann Romney says Mitt is thinking about a woman VP…

and I’m not a happy camper.  Why, oh why does it seem so many think that is an answer to winning the WH back? IMHO I can think of nothing worse than another “woman” getting crucified over the short weeks between the announcement and the actual 2012 election. The Internet has some great conservative websites getting the truth out but at this point in time the Left media still has the audience. Can you imagine the vile they are going to spew if Mitt chooses a woman?

While I absolute like Palin’s straight-forth way of thinking and speaking, and yes she has been fully vetted…I heard too, too many of our men friends say they would not vote for her. Did that mean they voted for Obama or just didn’t vote? Either way, I just do not feel the United States is ready for a woman vice-president, and certainly not as second in power to step into the presidency if something should happen.

It’s not that the women being considered are not fully capable, intelligent or any of the other reasons you might say I am wrong. Here, in the real, non-political world the men are just not ready for this change.  I did vote for McCain/Palin as from the beginning I saw that Obama was an empty suit promoted from behind the scenes. However, I felt inside that too many men would not vote for Palin.

Despite the Left’s view that Hillary would keep Obama in the WH if Biden were dropped, I don’t believe that hype. It has been said that Hillary would bring Obama back to the center and have a landslide victory. Not even worth debating! She is not only a woman, but an unlikeable one at that. She is no Margaret Thatcher in either intelligence or diplomacy.

Have to admit the political climate is much different now than in 2008 and perhaps the men who refused to vote for Palin for whatever reason will go to the polls in November to vote Obama out, regardless of who is on the ticket. It is just too unpredictable. Why take that chance again?

Speaking as a woman, I hope Romney does his considering of women and then sets that thought aside. We have quite a few qualified men who would enhance the ticket. Why start a rumble by selecting a woman. I for one, am not going to be happy if that occurs, we’ve got enough negative press and ads against us already.

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