My dad rolled his own cigarettes during WWII and continued to do so for many years if

he were alive today I wonder what he’d have to say about these new “fangled” cigarette rolling machines. I used to watch him make his cigarette, it was fun. Of course later in life I realize that they might kill him. He had a leaky heart valve and although he lived through 2 heart stopped failures, the third one took his life at 69 before his body hit the ground.  He was spared the probable lung cancer he was heading for.   How long before those who smoke are told they will not be taken care of under Obamacare? Just wondering here.

Our representatives in both houses do not read the legislation they vote on. Page after page after page goes unread by even their staff. They vote on the overall supposition of the legislation. It is worse than Pelosi’s, “we have to pass it so you can find out what is in it!”  No one is reading this stuff, well, except for those who have the expertise to wade through all the double talk and reason out what the legislation is mandating. Those who do make their way through the hundreds of pages in one bill and blogging about it are heroes! Without them we would not know what is going on. Our legislators are snakes…we’ve got to get rid of them.  Some republicans are no better than the democrats when it comes to shoving legislation down our throats. The new highway bill is yet another example…what the hell does rolling your own cigarettes have to do with highways and transportation? What about this bill is so good for America? Guess I’ll find out eventually.


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