Am appalled to have just seen an Obama TShirt with

“Still a BFD” on it. What has happened to America? Just because you use anacronym in writing does not change the meaning. How crass and crude to have a President of the United States use the F word in such a manner. If you are using anacronyms representing foul language, to me it is the same thing as saying the actual word. We used to use ROTFL all the time, meaning rolling on the floor laughing. Of course, in just a few years it has become accepted to insert an F in that anacronym.

I felt insulted to have Biden use the F word while at an open mike, and for the Dems to continue to use the “F” to describe their health care plan just about says it all as far as I’m concerned. The corrosion of common decency in America should concern all conservatives. How demeaning to the second highest office in our land! We did not “laugh” at Biden who knew exactly what he was saying!

If you do not want to say the word, don’t resort to abbreviated forms of it. Does Obama sincerely think that he isn’t saying what he is saying? This campaign Tshirt is disgusting. How are we going to explain to our children who see this shirt, what it means when they ask? Why do dems think this is even remotely acceptable?

And yes, I have a wonderful sense of humor, this just ain’t funny!

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