Please help a 62 year old grandma who still is naive about

some things understand how Obama continues to have an approval rating above 40%. I don’t get it, I don’t understand…are there really 40+% of Americans still supporting him. We never bought into his “hope & change” nonsense, never thought he’d drain the swamp – how could he with Reid and Pelosi still in D.C. politics, and we never, ever thought he was such an “eloquent” speaker. I cringe   he speaks with all his ahs, uhs, ums, etc. I do not know of anyone, not anyone in my life that talks in 3 or 4 word phrases as if I am too dumb to understand if 5 or 6 words are spoken to me at once. Didn’t ever think his skin color was going to be like some holy grail that would suddenly end all bigotry in the U.S. and absolutely never, not ever perceived him to be a Christian man that has a deep faith in God.

Please, please. I just don’t understand how 40+% of our population is still approving of this president. Why aren’t they demanding documentation of his prior life to 2008? Why don’t they want 10 years of Obama’s tax returns? Why don’t these people care that golf, campaigning and photo ops take top priority on our president’s agenda?

I have never been this angry in my entire life, never. Every single day I want to understand how did our beloved country where my father and two of my brothers and tons of people I know fought for freedom and what is right, become what it is today?

The world has turned upside down. I know this election is about unemployment and jobs and getting government regulations over-turned, but there is a part of me that hopes some other issues are also brought to the forefront. It still boggles the mind that the president of the United States decided gay marriage should be accepted by all. How did a small minority (it was less that 5% of Americans are gay) end up wielding so much power in D.C.

Man, I gotta go mix a drink and get calmed down (and I don’t normally drink either) Obama has got to go! My son, his wife and their son’s future depends on it. How frustrating to live in a state where the liberal population of NYC cancels out all conservative votes.

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