Well is it important? or Isn’t it.

The Democrats are thinking about adding being pro-gay marriage to their platform at the upcoming convention.  Should all conservatives take a stand for marriage being between one man and one woman? I can hardly wait for all the rhetoric from both sides. The Dems who know this is not a positive for them will be spinning and spinning. The RINOS who are trying to be everything to everyone will be spinning and spinning.

Aren’t there enough social issues wrapped up in this next election without injecting gay marriage? Do the Dems honestly believe this is an advantage for their side? 

Here in New York State we were never given the chance to vote yea or nay. Are there democrats who do not believe in gay marriage that will actually take a stand and decide not to vote for Obama because of it?

Guess I’d like your opinions on whether gay marriage is a make it or break it stance for either side. If the GOP were to announce such a thing at their convention – wouldn’t it mean doom at the polls?


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