Abortion is Plan “A” in America

We have become a society that discusses “Abortion” while the majority of women choose it as Plan A for all pregnancies. I do not buy into the current controversy regarding Senator Akin. There has to be some behind the scene reason so many GOP bigwigs have jumped on the “resign now” band wagon. I have been commenting for several weeks that many Conservatives place Abortion on the back burner, so to speak, as they personal feel it should not be a political issue.  Well, the elephant is the room is definitely Abortion.

It is a political issue that the Democrats have been pushing to the forefront for many years. Probably not many will read this short diary but perhaps those that do will sit back and really cement their position on Abortion. Is it right, or is it wrong?

Every fiber of my being says it is wrong. 40 years ago when were told we would not be able to have children there was an immediate attempt to get on waiting lists for adoption. At that time there was a 5 to 7 year waiting list for an infant. We did not pursue adoption in 1971 as we made a decision to just live our lives and keep our eyes on what the Lord had in store for us. We had a lot of little kids around us so we had children to love which helped us to cope with the sad news we would never have a child.

A person can rationalize, justify, explain, whatever – in America when an unwanted pregnancy occurs we have become a nation that accepts Plan A as the first solution.  Does no woman even consider carrying the baby full term for adoption? Even a raped woman might find some solace in providing a childless family with a child to love. A way to turn something evil into something good…no, the Plan A option will be chosen.

It shouldn’t be a political issue, but it is. Sure the issue can be sidestepped by saying, “I believe abortions should not be funded by the government”, however that really doesn’t answer the call to support those who feel abortion is wrong.  No matter how it happened, social issues are being driven by the media and the Internet and the Democrats; and now the Republicans. 

We do not want to be talking about gay marriages (here in NY there were foisted upon us without a vote), and we definitely do not want to be talking about abortion.

As solid Conservatives we are concerned about the financial cliff Democrats are driving us over. We are concerned that Medicare is consistently raided by Washington. We worry about the future for our grandson – yes, after 8 years of marriage God gave us a son.

Adoption instead of abortion, could that be a conversation for America right now?  Probably not! The Democrats are never going to let this one go.


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