Unlike Obama, Mitt can string more than 4 words together without an UH!


We are excited.  We have a chance to vote for a man who showed us during the RNC Convention that he is not some auto-bot with dollar signs for eyeballs.  Romney is so much more than the Left will ever admit to, when the Romney/Ryan families were all gathered at the podium I thought, at last we can have a real family back in the White House. Everything is staged and pretense with the Obamas.

Unlike others, I do not like Obama and never have. I wasn’t blinded beyond common sense into believing he could fix the Earth’s oceans or our environment. As a Believer my thoughts usually range from we need to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with ….to, okay it is worth it to rinse out cans, collect recycle items and not let anything into our garbage that could be reused. But, hey, we’ve been doing that for years, long before the current trendy tree-huggers thought of it. Oh yeah, we used cloth diapers, can you imagine some of your liberal friends subscribing to that? We’re rural folk we have never wasted a thing. Romney could have a conversation with us about the different things we’ve done; such as tearing down a 3 story barn 11 miles from our home and hauling it home on a tractor and wagon to rebuild into a 2 story barn, or tearing down a silo, block by block to use the materials to build a round above ground swimming pool, or building our home – not by sub contracting! Obama would not be able to connect to people like us in any way and guess what, he hasn’t. However, Romney has already connected with us. We believe he is a real human being, not some super messiah able to solve all our problems.

We enjoyed listening to our next President saying whole sentences and expressing his thoughts without all the stuttering and ah, um, oh, etc. gyrations Obama puts us through. True, we use the mute button whenever Obama is on as it is painful to listen to him make no sense along with evading questions,  and they (the left) said GW was hard to listen to. Listening to Obama is torture, especially during interviews where there are so many hesitations and run on sentences you give up trying to comprehend what he is saying. This from a man the Democrat party consistently has said is one of the most articulate politicians we have. Of course they somehow manage to mention Clinton was better but that is about it.

Speaking of articulate politicians, wow, what a convention. The democrats have no one, no one that talks in the down to earth manner Martinez, Christy, Rubio and Ryan do when addressing the American people.

Back to Romney, for the next 2 months be bold! When someone starts but, but, butting you about how many great things Obama has done,  is doing and will do for America come right back at them with what an incredible man, husband, father, grandfather, and friend Mitt is. There is nothing wrong with voting for Romney/Ryan as President of our United States. He is one of us not some elitist extreme politician who will never know what day to day life is for the majority of Americans.

Don’t buy into the Liberal talking points about no substance to Mitt, throw mr. shallow man at them. When they mention Mitt hasn’t put forth a definite plan, throw Obama’s totally lack of follow through on his campaign promises. Where we are from it is much better to not make promises you might not be able to keep. It is called being a person of your word…you don’t speak without thought and do not make empty promises to appease someone. That is something a 6 year  old does. When they start the “blame Bush” then mention Obama’s 105+ rounds of golf and show them a picture of the empty oval office. AND a pix of an empty chair!

When your sister or brother start spouting the latest telephone conference talking points from the DNC, just sit there and love them anyway and hope the light bulb will turn on in their brain before the election. Just keep wearing that smile that projects anticipation and hope for the future of the country you love, the United States of America.

Looking forward to the debates, Biden hasn’t got a chance and Romney now has Ryan with him. He will learn how to wipe the floor with Obama!

Have republished parts of this diary as now that the DNC has started would like to say something like “I told you so!” Is there anyone in the room who does not think Michele’s speech was pure make believe and pretense. Come on. We do come from a poor background and my dad would have never allowed me to get into a car like she describes and can anyone, anyone see Obama dumpster diving for a coffee table? I can believe he scarfed it up from the curb but that’s about it in the “imagine this” category.

It will be interesting to see/hear if Obama continues to talk in choppy 3 or 4 word phrases Thursday night, if he will talk like Americans can’t comprehend his grand plan and if he will consistently ask for 4 more years to explain this great future he has planned for transformed America.

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