Seething anger…what do You do with it?

Haven’t written a diary in quite a while as it’s taken weeks to get disqus to acknowledge me and then only when I added a mrs to my emptybucket handle. Go figure, there is sometimes no rhyme or reason involved with computer glitches. I stopped commenting quite so much as I noticed a rising level of angst toward the amount of trolls wanting to spew their venom here at RedState. I scream aloud while asking to what purpose are they here? Why even come to RedState and lurk? There is not one single RS person who is going to be anything other than annoyed with the trolls’ presentation of the Liberal/Lefty point of view.

Myself, I’ve noticed that I am talking in short choppy sentences leaving out those little things that make thoughts somehow coherent and meaningful. I know why this is happening – I have allowed myself to become so angry that I actually think there are times smoke billows out of my ears. I loathe our current president of the United States. Never in my adult life have I ever experienced this kind of pent-up rage. My level of agitation is extreme. The Office of The President of the United States was once respected the world over but now has become just shy of an inexperienced, thin skinned CEO having no credibility with anyone, anywhere. Even loyal democrats are questioning the vacations, the constant basketball, the 100 plus games of golf, the obvious disdain for “those beneath his social status”, the TV ads calling Mitt liar, and some are even joining us in agreeing Michelle’s gone too far with her focus on our children not being the perfect eaters or size.

I am still trying to figure out how our president figured out he didn’t need to attend daily briefings!

Back to the reason I’m writing; I think this anger is not mine alone and that there are many of us in the same frame of mind. What are You doing to sooth your frazzled nerves? Tonight I have tuned out politics and I’m not going to watch another newscast and I’m not going to go on the Internet to read the latest….right, like that is ever going to happen!

Think I’d better turn to the best solution, booze! No, just kidding. I’m going to double down on my prayer time for this America I love.  Oh, and please forgive the occasion comment where I am barely coherent due to a high level of frustration with the subject matter. I thank God for RedState and the chance it gives me to talk with others who many times think the way I do.


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