Disqus – to Follow or not…

I don’t like Disqus, not at all. RedState comments now reflect more down arrows than up arrows. How in the hell did that happen? Well, we know the answer is that the Disqus folks don’t really believe in the type of privacy that we believe in at RedState.

Having said that, a few days ago I decided to click on follow whenever I find someone I know from Before The Change.  For me,when I go to the Disqus dashboard and read down all their comments a sense of the old community comes back for me.  I am not stalking or interrupting, just getting the flow of a sensational Conservative conversation!

I apologize if I have asked to follow someone who prefers not to be followed. I believe that only those of us registered and logged in to RedState can follow one another (could be wrong here) so the initial fear we had that every loon on the Internet could follow us has been eliminated. (could be wrong here) I also believe that you can push me off as a follower (could be wrong here).

There may be a theme in that last paragraph (could be wrong here) and it is that not enough is known about Disqus and how it works. And the Disqus help section isn’t that great in my opinion.

So to follow or not to follow, that is where I’m headed in this diary. Please express you thoughts and help me out. Thanks.  Elaine, also know as mrsemptybucket

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