oh man, Disqus not loading in again…again…again…again

This is a short rather brief diary about one of my biggest problems with Disqus. Just 18 days before a national election I am unable to read beyond the diary as comments are for all my purposes, hidden. Disqus refuses to load. Would I like Disqus to “reload”, well hell yes. The past week I have been ill and not doing much more than catching up on all my Internet reading. During the debate Tuesday night I couldn’t see the comments, nor could I comment far into the debate, I believe it was over an hour I hit “reload” and refreshed the site to no avail. Dang it, I wanted in. I wanted to read real Conservative reaction. Time after time I will read a diary and want to comment only to discover that once again, yep Disqus not loading in. Is there anyone else experiencing this nonsense? I’ll go to other sites and Disqus is humming along and I rarely see that “reload” hypertext.


I will be in the middle of making a comment when Disqus suddenly refreshes the page and yep, the “reload” prompt appears. WHAT? Do I type a word that automatically refreshes the webpage?  Yesterday it happened over 6 times. I am not talking conspiracy here, but seriously, what in the heck is going on?


It isn’t right to say things like “this is the last straw”, as we want RedState to continue to have an impact in Conservative lives. I was going to go back to a Disqus related post to write this but haven’t been able to get Disqus to load this morning for more than a few minutes..then Poof, gone again. This ain’t helping me want to stay and I know the MODS are tired of listening to complaints. Hopefully you’ll all see I have a legitimate problem – any solutions?

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