Verify? Not any more. Mayors Against Gun Violence

This won’t be a long drawn out post as each reader will be able to site their own instances of information being presented by media, or special interest groups, that was never researched forget about verified to be accurate.

The inclusion of the dead Boston Marathon bomber’s name on a list memorializing those who were victims of gun violence pushed me over the edge. Today we heard on Foxnews that a horrible, conscienceless murderer, Christopher Dorner was also on the list with Tamerlan Tsarnaev. This defies any sense of decency.

The “excuse” that the list was not from Mayors Against Illegal Guns but from another group’s website absolutely does not pass muster with any reasonable American. Bloomberg and his ilk went too far. What on earth has happened to verify your information before you present it as accurate or factual?

Mayor Bloomberg you are a joke! Time for a rally where Conservatives perhaps throw oversized sodas, or disposable bags of breast milk, or mini packets of salt at a huge poster of Bloomberg. If that every happened we know the mess would be cleaned up after the fun, however we know from real past experience that the other side walks away from the messes they create. Am sure there are many RedStaters who are appalled and know better than to believe it was all a mistake.

I am not in the camp of those who believe gun violence is the number one issue against Americans in 2013. Unfortunately I don’t have much of a voice or I’d be on the airways today talking about this “new media” that exist today refusing to even surface verify what they are endorsing, or touting, or reporting on. Come on, how hard is it to look over a list of a few thousands of names and have Dorner’s name jump out at you. Besides, you know the Liberals think he deserves sympathy and compassion and of course would be on a list of VICTIMS.

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