Who would you put on this list?

Let's Have A Little Fun

Hi, I know today is a day for celebration and certainly, thanksgiving to God for the blessings he has bestowed on America. For those who do not believe that, well I can do nothing in this post to convince you so am not going to try. Would like to do something fun. We don’t use the word “sycophant” very often in our day to day conversations as, well, it is an ugly word. Yet sycophant so aptly describes a large assortment of politicians & media personalities on both sides of the aisle in the year 2013. Doubt that in 1776 any man would have been accused of being the brown-nosed suck-up sycophant that seems to follow Obama today. Then there are the brown-nose disseminating suck-up sycophants that seem to exist on the other side as well. Wow, who’d a thunk.

Who would you put on the list? Keep in mind that just being a turn coat is not a sycophant. A sycophant is a “fawning flatterer: a servile or obsequious person who flatters somebody powerful for personal gain”. Some definitions use the word parasite in place of the word person.  When we are all done perhaps we can figure out who would be at the top of the list.

Mr. emptybucket picks Eric Holder who he feels defines the word perfectly. I pick Valerie Jarrett and Rachel Madcow, oops Maddow.

Okay who do you put on this list?

Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Rachel Maddow  -


*mrsemptybucket, better known as Elaine, is a conservative christian wife and mother who does not consider herself a low information voter!

**RedState has been a saving grace for emptybucket especially during this last election cycle when she thought she’d loose her mind with the biased media take on just about everything. Now she reads RedState to find the hope so badly needed in the world we live in today.


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