Oh Yeah, We’ve Tried That Before…

Today’s somewhat unsettling argument in the Grand Ole Party over just how conservative are  we going to swing this time in history, makes me think of many political meetings I’ve sat in on over the years. Okay, that is an over simpliciation of the arguing, but for me, the God fearing housewife from grassroots America, or committee member at-large, that’s what all the infighting is about.

When I was able to be active in our local Repubican politics I sat in on meeting after meeting where the “old timers” always, and I mean always, said, “oh we tried that before”, or “that might sound like a good idea but when we did that in…”, or “good heavens, we can’t do that!”-whenever a new member opened their mouth.

The newly active republicans would show up to meetings practically on fire to get the job done. Whatever the job was, be it fund raising, grilling hotdogs, carting folks to the voting booth, stuffing envelopes, whatever! And that’s what the old timers wanted. New work horses to do what THEY wanted. The new members needed to just do that whatever needed to be done and shut their  mouths regarding anything different.

I used to sit there thinking what the hell is going on. We get new members ready to work for their political beliefs only to tell them nothing they think of will either work or is a good idea, ever!

If I could bring one thought to today’s republican party it would be to open their minds back up. We are reading and hearing a lot of things from what we think are true Conservative voices in our Congress. Could we let them at least try?

After reading some comments on RS today I felt like there was an instant replay loop of what Karl Rove said last night on Foxnews. One of the first things we need to do in this “argument”  with the old timers of our Republican party is tell them to SHUT UP and give the new guy a chance.



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