It’s All Over – Open Thread

Have just, in a moment of insanity, punched in 209 on our remote. 209 for us is MSMBC. Holy crap! The Republican party is all but defunct. Kaput, gone, irrelevant and has no viable candidate for the upcoming 2016 presidential election. Hell, the Republicans aren’t even going to have anyone capable of proper toilet training as we’re all babies fumbling around with our fingers up our noses. (yeah I changed that axiom around) It’s all over! The Grand Old Party is dead.

Apparently MSMBC was unable to even find a reasonable Republican pundit to sit on their panel to discuss the incredible damage McConnell and Boehner are reeking on their constituents.  If  there was one sitting there you wouldn’t know by the words. It was bash, bash, bash (or what I usually just tune out by blah, blah, blahing over the top of their shrill voices) the poor ole’ GOP. Heck they didn’t even bother to bring the Tea Party into the discussion, but did whip in a rather neutral comment by Romney.

Can’t understand why they just didn’t have a disco ball spinning and flashing lights all around while they danced with joy while deciding that the Democrats have got the future. Their party might not even have any one to run against in the general. Yeah, don’t know why they weren’t bumping champaign glasses and doing their happy dance.

Here is the gist of the comment that took me over the top into actually yelling at the TV, something I stopped doing after Gore left the scene.  Every, yes, every Republican politician is only thinking about how far right they will have to go to keep their seats.

Consider this an Open Thread. I think a little venting does good and clears any complacent thoughts out of our heads.


*mrs emptybucket isn’t all that politically astute and appreciates having a website to turn to that reflects her political, moral and christian beliefs. Thank you RedState.

-having trouble with spell checker so please forgive if you find some errors. For example I kept leaving out the “l” in Republican and the spell check thought that was just fine.?? Then for kicks I typed repubican into Google. Let’s just say I am absolutely Appalled that spell checker thinks that word is okay.

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