New York State Politics – Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin

Hi, mr emptybucket and I have remained on the Carl Paladino email alert list and yesterday received an email in support of Assemblyman McLaughlin.  He is from the 107th district which is miles and miles away from where we live physically & politically. The problem is we just don’t know much about him. Is there a RedStater that could enlighten us a bit? Have to confess we were going to pretty much ignore the Governor slot in the next election thinking Coumo isn’t going to get voted out as it seems NYS has become even more slanted toward the Liberal mindset and is getting worse now that Hillary is back home.

However in the past few days something has sparked and we’re going to get more involved in our local politics which would hopefully include ousting Coumo. While illness does limit the extend of the committment we can make, there has to be things we can do right here in our little community of 10,000.

Another confession, we have tuned out politics in our state. There is so much corruption and an incredible amount of poor decision making by our Legislature.  When Coumo announced his anti gun agenda we started to listen believe you me.  Now that we’re paying attention, gotta get our facts straight. Would appreciate an online site recommendation that would help sort out truth from fiction regarding NYS politics.

In checking out a few websites I just got the sinking feeling that McLaughlin isn’t really going to connect up with those of us over here in the “other” upstate NY. Admit, if a website is all hype I’m not going to be impressed.

Thanks for any insight you can send our way. Promise this might be the last ignorant posting, we’re going to get caught up. Cold warrior has asked folks to go to their local political committee meetings and keep a diary. The note taking come natural for me however sitting through one of their meetings might require a hidden flask to take a tipple from now and then; and I don’t even drink! They are definitely an establishment GOP group. We will see if I can participate again!

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