Have You Heard: Obama Called 13 Yr. Old Victim, Sharpten Organizing Vigil of Prayer For Victim’s Recovery, Jackson Raising Funds

Yeah, I’m kidding. Three, that’s 3 15 year old black boys brutally beat up a 13 yr old boy. What have we heard from Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, etal? Nada

At the very least shouldn’t Obama be on at prime time tonight telling us that could have been his son?

Color me boiling, hopping, totally irate angry mad at this incredible media double standard!

It seems all the poor kid wanted was to get these 3 drug selling thugs out of his life so he went to a school offical to get help. Yeah, he got help. I want to know what the hell happened that they didn’t protect him. Once he gave them names the school officials involved knew things would get ugly, didn’t they?



*I know I should let this diary sit before publishing but I just am so angry. I pray fervently that the America I love will take this story over and start paying attention. The point it NO 13 year old boy of any color should be brutally beaten.  Right?

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