Help. Jay Carney makes broad statement about Executive Order on Gun Control, Just What Is Obama Going To Do?

Here’s the link where JayCarney makes his statement about Obama proceeding to work on Executive Orders for reasonable gun control. Can you guys help me out? Just what is our fearful-in-chief going to do? To my mind nothing, nothing about yesterday has anything to do with gun control. If this guy didn’t have a rifle/shotgun (we don’t know which yet besides the media calls everything an M16),  he might have stormed the building with a vest full of knives.  He had clearance, could have carted many different kinds of weapons into the area.  (Or am I wrong on that one?)

BTW is there anyone in the media that understands we shoot cartridges, not bullets.  The bullet is a component of the cartridge, the projectile component. For those who don’t understand in the media, it’s the pointed part that comes out of the barrel fast.  ReLoaders &  Hand Loaders Unite!

Why can’t our civilians who work in military areas be armed? Why aren’t are soldiers armed? I know, I know…pointless to moan and groan.




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