Hey Kathleen You’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Okie dokie, time for someone to bring Secretary Sebelius back down to earth. She’s been floating around in her “just a few glitches” hot air balloon long enough.  Hey Kathy, you are not in Kansas anymore! You can’t look in the mirror every morning and say, “no big deal!”. You’re in Washington D.C. in a powerful, powerful position and it’s time perhaps for you to tap your ruby slippers and return to your home state of Kansas. Don’t humiliate yourself any further…resign.

Tonight Bill O’Reilly described you as not having the experience to do the job you’re in! That was a shocker to me, shouldn’t you know what the heck you are doing after being Governor of Kansas for what, 6/7 years? I for one never heard of you before probably because I’m not a Democrat but for goodness sake, who the heck are you that you are Secretary of Health and Human Resources but you don’t know what the hell you are doing?

Go home Kathleen, if you want, Michelle or Valerie can wave a wand over you while you tap your heels…resign.  Enough already!


NOTE: I know that there might be many of you who say let the train wreck continue. Maybe that’s okay I just am so sick and tired of Sec. Sebelius not taking one iota of responsibility for what was at the very least, her job to oversee.




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