“Read My Lips…No New Taxes”

Remember? Remember way back in 1988 at the National Republican Convention, that phrase caught fire and carried a life of its own.  George H W Bush uttered those fateful words as part of his acceptance speech to become the Republican nominee to run for President of the United States.

Rush ahead just two short years to 1990 when then President George Herbert Walker Bush COMPROMISED with the Democrats in Congress and as part of a budget deal taxes were raised. It was suppose to be a compromise for our greater good as the “ta da” national deficit would be paid down with the increased revenue. Yeah sure.

Go ahead 2 more years (before presidential campaigns started 3 years before the actual election or at least it was more subtle than it is today) and remember the Republican challangers with their constant drumbeat. The taxes were raised, he didn’t keep his promise, on and on.  Pat Buchanan used that compromise of a Conservative principle against Bush during the primaries. We all know then Gov. Bill Clinton didn’t bother to rub any salt in the wound. (/sarc)

Pause now, laugh out loud while you remember Bill Clinton telling Americans how untrustworthy President Bush was. It was pretty brutal and that was way, way before the media access Americans have now. President Bush was pretty much destroyed by uttering that 6 word phrase-destroyed. In many politicos’ opinion it cost him re-election.

Fast forward fast forward fast forward to October 2013. Tell me, where the hell is the outrage from ALL Americans to currently have a liar for president. Obama doesn’t know jack about anything. He leads our country by televised news. Apparently his staff doesn’t tell him much except maybe to adjust his telepromter or where his golf clubs are.

you can keep your insurance, you can keep your doctor” needs to be crammed down the throat of every democrat.  Tee shirts need to be made and whatever else anyone can think of. We personally do not have the resources but there must be someone at RedState who does. We’ve got to “make hay while the sun shines” on this one.

Obama is not up for another term despite Tom Hanks wanting a 3rd four years for him, however if the GOP does not get busy the opportunity to make sure NO democrat (Hillary) will be popular in 2016 the chance will be gone.

I am not a harpy, nor am I an unpleasant woman however on this matter I may have actually grown horns…I want this guy roasted folks. It is not a matter of unforgiveness, it is a matter of an evil, lying president needing to be exposed completely for what he is and what he has done.

No more, enough.



NOTE: sorry for the long beginning but just in case there are some younger Conservatives who weren’t involved in politics during that time…there’s a lot I left out so refresh your memory if you aren’t incensed enough.

Also, Mr. Emptybucket wanted a few paragraphs added about Billary but I just can’t think about that one today. Can’t do it except maybe to point my finger eastward and utter “witch, be gone”. The very least they could do now that she has used my state to become Senator, and further her career off from NYC democrats is move back to Arkansas. Or maybe Siberians would like them for neighbors!

I left out Ross Perot, can’t stand the man and better to not say anything.












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