Read Through The Bible In A Year In Chronological Order – Week One begins January 6th

Week 1 – 2014 January

Monday              06           Genesis 1 – 3
Tuesday              07          Genesis 4:1 – 6:8
Wednesday       08           Genesis 6:9 – 9:29
Thursday           09           Genesis 10 – 11
Friday                 10           Genesis 12 – 14
Saturday            11            Genesis 15 – 17
Sunday               12            Genesis 18 – 19


Author – Moses
Date: 1450 – 1410 B.C.
Theme: Genesis is a real-life history of individual people, a fact that is emphasized by the ten sections within it that usually begin, “These are the records of the generations of …” (NASB). This thrust provides a natural unity to the book. Genesis is a book about the beginning of many things: the world, man, sin, civilization, the nations, and Israel. Genesis also contains important theological themes, including the doctrine of the living, personal God; the doctrine of the loving, personal God; the doctrine of man made in the image of God, then of sinful man; the anticipation of a Redeemer; and the covenant promises made to the nation of Israel.

Genesis takes us from creation to the settling of Jacob’s descendants in Egypt; although three-fourths of the book concentrates on the four generations from the call of Abraham to the death of Joseph (2091-1805 B.C.).

*Above text copied from program booklet.

NOTE: Please remember not to give up if you miss a day or two, catch-up reading is better than quitting because you missed a day or so!


As our comments from each diary will not carry over to each new week I am going to keep a list of readers here so we remember who is reading with us, for encouragement, for prayer & for fellowship.  Am hoping we will use each other’s first names eventually, mine is Elaine.

SoFiMil, wcp (westcoastpatriette), fightnright, midtnpatriot, cbartlett, barry915barry, vangoghssister, pipetzold, cold warrior and we have 18 readers joining us at my church so far.



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