If not Hillary, who will float to the surface?

Good afternoon. May I start this little diary by disclosing that I do NOT spend hours a day on the Internet reading and/or researching politics? Would like to, however it just doesn’t work that way here, in my world.  Reading RedState several hours a day is highly desirable and I try to fit in as much as I can. The level of writing here is truly outstanding. Awhile ago PTTP commented in response to a complaint about “grammar errors” that there were many levels of education represented at RedState and the higher educated commenters also make mistakes in their writing.  All the education, opinions, insight, debating…that’s what draws me to RedState.  Research is done whenever I find myself thinking, “Whoa, wait a second that doesn’t seem right” and finally, to be able to ask a group of somewhat like minded Conservatives the following question:

If Hillary isn’t going to be the Democrat’s presidential candidate, well who else is there? Have read column after column about Hillary. Her pros, her cons, her Bill, her lack of any accomplishments, her faux pas (of which I think there are many) her, her, her. The commentary goes on and on and on.

If not Hillary, who? I take a look and see nothing but Democrat party hacks and they are OLD.  Come on, Biden cannot possibly be a serious alternative to Hillary. What’s her name, Pocahontas can’t possibly be a serious consideration. Reid, Pelosi, Durbin, maybe Baucus as he is retiring and can run on his vote bringing about obamacare! Just who have they got?

Perhaps Wasserman-Shultz has been her party’s spokesman and Democrat political talking points mouth piece as a stepping stone toward national name recognition so she can take a shot at running? Is Christie finally going to cross over and represent the Dems as their candidate? (Polling has him just as popular as Hillary).

While I’ll quickly agree that the Republican Party needs to sort itself out and knock off all the compromising of our core platform beliefs, could it be the Democrats have a more serious problem finding a candidate who can actual win in 2016 than the GOP does?

One thing for sure, the candidate needs to be under age 65 and at least looking like they don’t have one foot in their coffin already!  Oh boy, did I just say that? Okay, I admit I am age discriminating when it comes to the Presidential candidates in 2016.  On either side we don’t need an old codger political hack unable to see past their own agenda.

And neither side needs a man-child with the maturity level of a 12 year old exercising a narcissistic rage complex when every little detail doesn’t go their way!

Why do I care who will float to the surface? Have this gut feeling that the leaders of our Republican Party are not paying attention. We need to be prepared for whoever gets the nod at their national convention.  Too much emphasis is being placed on Hillary. That is my opinion of course, and I just might be all wet.

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