Chronological Reading of the Bible 2014 Group-Join In

New Information - Week 1 Begins January 6

I mistakenly published a diary today forgetting that our group diary would be moved so here it is with a couple of additions. Will get the hang of things yet!

Week 1 – 2014 January

Monday              06           Genesis 1 – 3
Tuesday              07          Genesis 4:1 – 6:8
Wednesday       08           Genesis 6:9 – 9:29
Thursday           09           Genesis 10 – 11
Friday                 10           Genesis 12 – 14
Saturday            11            Genesis 15 – 17
Sunday               12            Genesis 18 – 19


Author – Moses
Date: 1450 – 1410 B.C.
Theme: Genesis is a real-life history of individual people, a fact that is emphasized by the ten sections within it that usually begin, “These are the records of the generations of …” (NASB). This thrust provides a natural unity to the book. Genesis is a book about the beginning of many things: the world, man, sin, civilization, the nations, and Israel. Genesis also contains important theological themes, including the doctrine of the living, personal God; the doctrine of the loving, personal God; the doctrine of man made in the image of God, then of sinful man; the anticipation of a Redeemer; and the covenant promises made to the nation of Israel.

Genesis takes us from creation to the settling of Jacob’s descendants in Egypt; although three-fourths of the book concentrates on the four generations from the call of Abraham to the death of Joseph (2091-1805 B.C.).

*Above text copied from program booklet.

NOTE: Please remember not to give up if you miss a day or two, catch-up reading is better than quitting because you missed a day or so!


As our comments from each diary will not carry over to each new week I am going to keep a list of readers here so we remember who is reading with us, for encouragement, for prayer & for fellowship.  Am hoping we will use each other’s first names eventually, mine is Elaine.

Updated List of Readers:  SoFiMil, wcp (westcoastpatriette), fightnright, midtnpatriot, cbartlett, barry915barry, vangoghssister, pipetzold, cold warrior, bobbishc (Charlie) and we have 18 readers joining us at my church so far.

PS:  I will work on the formatting and try to neaten things up a bit, sorry, didn’t work quite the way I expected. And I will learn how to use the “here” “here” and “here” tags soon.

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