Week 2 Chronological Bible Reading – 2014

Begins Monday Jauary 13

Week 2 – 2014 January

Monday               13            Genesis 20 – 22
Tuesday               14            Genesis 23 – 24
Wednesday         15           Genesis 25 – 26
Thursday             16           Genesis 27 – 28
Friday                   17           Genesis 29 – 30
Saturday              18           Genesis 31 – 32
Sunday                 19            Genesis 33 – 35


*The names of God vary in Genesis. God is called “the Mighty One” when He creates the universe, but it is Yahweh who personally forms Adam and Eve, enjoys fellowship with them in the garden, and even provides for them after their sin. (Genesis 2-3). Note, too that Melchizedek worships God Most High (El Elyon), but that Abram, who has a special covenant relationship with God, knows Him more intimately as Yahweh God Most High (14:18-24).

Several such compound names or titles give us additional insight into God’s attributes and actions. Besides El Elyon, the most famous is El Shaddai, “God Almighty,”  although this name occurs only 48 times in the Bible.

Next week I’ll include “Going Deeper”, The Primary Names of God along with our scripture readings.

*Above text taken from program booklet

**Bible Precepts uses the triangle symbol colored yellow to represent God in its Bible marking.


Week 1 - http://www.redstate.com/emptybucket/2014/01/06/chronological-reading-of-the-bible-2014-group-join-in/


NOTE: If you find yourself today not quite finished with Week 1 please don’t feel discouraged. Many, many people need 2 or 3 weeks to get into the swing of daily Bible reading.  Just find a quiet corner with no distractions and do some “catch-up”.  If doing a Bible reading program is new to you please don’t give up, it takes time to get the Bible reading habit going.

If you experience the problem some have with not retaining what was read before, let me assure you this is common. For myself I often start my reading with the last chapter from the day before; and it seems to help me retain what I’m reading.

Another problem some readers have is quickly scanning some areas of the Bible that contain genealogy.  As we are reading in chronological order, genealogy is also important so why not try reading what some call “boring” parts out loud. Sound those hard to pronounce names out and they’ll stick in your mind so that whenever you run across them again in your reading you’ll say, “wait, I know this guy”.

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