Week 4 Chronological Bible Reading – 2014

Begins Monday January 27th

Week 4 – 2014 January
Monday 27 Job  4 – 7
Tuesday 28 Job  8 – 11
Wednesday 29 Job  12 – 15
Thursday 30 Job  16 – 19
Friday 31 Job  20 – 22
Saturday Feb 01 Job  23 – 28
Sunday 02 Job  29 – 31


There are two keys to reading this book. One is recognizing that it is “wisdom literature”; the other is noticing the uses of the names of God. As wisdom literature, the Book of Job tells us in proverb form about the order of the world God has created. That account can be summarized in proverbs because God is a God of order. There are exceptions, however, to many proverbs because sin has marred the perfection of God’s creation.

When Job’s friends discover he is destitute and diseased, they immediately confront him with wisdom based on common sense: God judges the wicked and prospers the righteous, so confess your wickedness and be restored. Job, however, maintains his righteousness in spite of their seemingly well-reasoned but misapplied statements.

This is where noticing the names of God become important. We, the readers, have information the biblical characters did not have–the heavenly scenes presented in chapters 1 and 2. We know that Job’s condition is a result of a battle between God and Satan. Our special insight is underlined by the use of the name Yahweh, whereas Job and his friends, who do not have the whole picture, use various names of God to refer to Him. When God finally reveals Himself in chapters 38-42, the name Yahweh again dominates the text.

The story of Job teaches the limitation of wisdom. Regardless of how much theology we know—or think we know—we never have the complete picture. We must use compassion rather than condemnation when dealing with others, both believers and non-believers, or we may be in danger of “(not speaking of God) what is right” (42:7). And when we seem to be on the short end of God’s promises, we must wait on God and trust in Him rather than question His character.


Hope we are all reading and now in the groove! If you want to review a prior week’s posting just go to emptybucket (diary) handle at the beginning, click on it and all the diaries should be available for you.

If you are behind and/or struggling with this program, please keep trying. Rather than getting caught up in what you haven’t read yet just start with tomorrow’s reading and begin again. Little by little you can go back to read what you may have missed.  No guilt, just keep trying. I know first hand how it is sometimes difficult to keep up and when I let that go and just started up again on the right day a weight was lifted off.

Am praying for ALL of us to complete this worthy task and for others to notice that the Word of God is important in our lives and has a place in our daily grind. It might be the only part of our day that is not a grind! eh!

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