What gun toting Bible believing rubes do on a snowy Sunday afternoon




Our son sent us this short video a few hours ago and I was struck with how many people on the Democrat side of the aisle will never, not ever, be able to understand just what Conservatives are or what we believe and how our convictions carry us and control our actions throughout our entire lives.  They’ll never recognize that family traditions rate a 10 on the “have to carry on” scale with us. Liberals may hold a small baby but never view it as having lived before the day it was born despite scientific proof contrary to that point of view. The left can’t relax, they don’t smile, they rarely laugh a good hardy belly laugh or do they ever let a suppose wrong go. That wrong must be touted to the world and analized and literally beat to death until EVERYONE says it was a wrong.


Well, here’s what a Conservative God loving family man does with his time on a Sunday afternoon. God help those that will never know this kind of joy.


Am thinking of  There is Joy, Joy, Joy was down in my Soul that I play on the piano. Yes, Joyful Sunday to my Redstate friends.

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