Week 7 – Chronological Bible Reading – 2014

WEEK 7 – 2014

Monday 17 Exodus 32 – 34
Tuesday 18 Exodus 35 – 36
Wednesday 19 Exodus 37 – 38
Thursday 20 Exodus 39 – 40
Friday 21 Leviticus 1:1 – 5:13
Saturday 22 Leviticus 5:14 – 7:38
Sunday 23 Leviticus 8 – 10



Author:  Moses

Date:  1450-1410 B.C.

The Book of Exodus concludes with the erection of the tabernacle, which was constructed according to the pattern God gave to Moses. But how was Israel to use the tabernacle? The instructions in Leviticus answer that question and were given to Moses during the fifty days during the setting up of the tabernacle (Exodus 40:17) and the departure of the people from Sinai (Numbers 10:12). Leviticus may be viewed in three complementary ways. First, it is a book about the holiness of God and His requirements for fellowship with Himself. Second, and connected to this idea, it is also a book that reveals the sinfulness of man. Finally, it may be viewed as a book about atonement—the provision of access to God for sinful man.

The key concept in Leviticus is holiness—being set apart for God’s service and being different from the world by obeying God’s commands.

Believe it or not, the sacrificial system that is set up in chapters 1-7 reveals the grace of Yahweh. He is holy, separate from His people, yet He reveals a way in which His people can become holy themselves and thus have fellowship with Him.       (More next week)



NOTE: you can click on “emptybucket” and the other weeks of scripture reading should come up for you to double check if you’d like to join in with those of us reading together this year. Just start with Monday morning February 17 and go….then throughout the next few weeks find some quiet time to go back and read what you’ve missed. It is a grrrreat feeling at the end of a year to know you’ve read the entire Bible.





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