Week 8 – Chronological Bible Reading – 2014

Week 8 – 2014 February
Monday 24 Leviticus 11-12
Tuesday 25 Leviticus 13-14
Wednesday 26 Leviticus 15-17
Thursday 27 Leviticus 18-20
Friday 28 Leviticus 21-23
Saturday Mar 01 Leviticus 24-25
Sunday 02 Leviticus 26-27


Leviticus – continued

He reveals a way in which His people can become holy themselves and thus have fellowship with Him. This concept is carried through the rest of the book, as many commands are punctuated with “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”

The emphasis on holiness is punctuated by an interesting string of events. The first event concerns the priesthood. It is made a holy group, within an already holy people, to serve the holy God (Leviticus 8-9). But immediately following their consecration, Nadab and Abihu despise God’s holiness by offering unholy fire and incense (Leviticus 10). Yahweh then protects His holiness by destroying them with the same fire that had accepted the burnt offering only the day before (10:2; 9-24).   The third event depicts Yahweh again protecting His holiness when He demands the death of the man who blasphemed His name (24:10-23).

When reading Leviticus, we should marvel at the intimacy of the use of God’s names. Yahweh appears 311 times   (proportionately more than in Exodus), and all 52 occurrences of Elohim show the personal covenant relationship of God to His people: “your God” is used 40 times, “his God” is used 8 times, and “their God” is used 4 times.



God bless you as you read through His word this year. Please encourage others in your life to get back in to reading the Bible.

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