Week 13 Chronological Bible Reading – 2014

Begins Monday March 31st

Week 13 – 2014 April
Monday 31 Joshua 9-11
Tuesday 01 Joshua 12-14
Wednesday 02 Joshua 15-17
Thursday 03 Joshua 18-19
Friday 04 Joshua 20-22
Saturday 05 Joshua 23 to Judges 1
Sunday 06 Judges 2-5

JOSHUA - Author: Joshua

Date: 1400-1370 B.C.  The events of Joshua begin where those of Deuteronomy concluded. They describe the conquest and division of the land of Canaan, and are set against the backdrop of the corrupt and brutal features of Canaanite religion.

Disobedience of God’s commands can lead to spiritual decline. Much of the later spiritual declension in Israel was due to the Israelites not completely destroying the Canaanites as God had commanded. As a result, the foreign religion was tolerated and frequently absorbed by the Israelites.

The first twelve chapters of Joshua narrate the conquest of Canaan, about 1406-1400 B.C., whereas chapters 13-24 relate the division of the land among the tribes. Contrary to Numbers, which precedes it, and Judges, which follows it, Joshua emphasizes that Yahweh blesses His people when they obey Him.

But Joshua also illustrates that a little disobedience goes a long way. Though Israel conquers Jericho, the people are defeated at Ai because of Achan’s sin (chapters 6-7). They renew the covenant on Mount Ebal then violate it by making a covenant with the Gibeonites (8:30-9:27). They conquer most of the land, but every tribe has pockets of resistance that it has failed to overcome (for example, 15:63, 16:10, 17:12-13). Allowing the Canaanites to remain in the land results in the apostasy and anarchy of the period of judges, as the gods of Canaan fight with Yahweh, God of Israel, for supremacy in the hearts of His people.

This concept of commitment, of love for Yahweh, is emphasized in the events and oration of chapters 22-24. As you read Joshua, examine your own heart to see what areas still need to be conquered to make you wholehearted in your love for God.

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