Read the New Testament in 6 Months, Weekdays Only

Additional Reading Program Begins July 7th

Hi and Happy Fourth of July! I am offering the following Bible reading program to our church family and friends and thought I would also include those on RedState who’d like to give it a try. It doesn’t get any easier than this program. Please read the notice and let me know if you’d like to join. I will not publish 2nd program unless there is interest. Thanks so much.


Beginning Monday July 7th there will be another Bible Reading opportunity open to everyone.  The 2014 Club continues to read the Bible in chronological order however this is an additional program for those were not able to continue or join in with that endeavor.

Just recently I felt led to look for a half year Bible reading program and found a great one that can be followed easily in addition to your regular Bible studies.  Hopefully there are many who will think that reading the entire New Testament between now and the New Year is an achievable goal. There is still time to sign up.

A secondary goal is to encourage those who would like to establish or re-establish their daily Bible reading habit.

Here are the details 

Reading will take about 10-15 minutes a day,  Monday to Friday

NO weekend Assignment

                    Basically 2 chapters a day in normal Bible order.

 I agreed to publish once a week with the Chronological Readings so will put this New Testament Program after that each Sunday.  Click on the Chronological diary and just scroll down – you’ll find the New Testament program.  Sorry, but do want to honor that agreement and not put two diaries into the banner on Bible reading.

God bless you all as you consider reading along with us.  - all you need to do is sign up in the comment area and get started this Monday! 

Your sister in Jesus, Elaine

PS: Optional Sat & Sun scripture assignments will be included for those who would like to read 7 days a week.


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