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    will the real democrat party please stand up

    Will the real Democratic Party Please Stand Up If you trace back the Democratic Party to Thomas Jefferson, you will see that it has never been a party based on a belief in God. In fact it has always trumpeted the humanist philosophy. Jefferson showed this when he published his own bible with all the miracles cut out. This philosophy says there really is no | Read More »

    Please Vote

    We the people that want a free America must convince our fellow Americans to vote for John McCain no matter what the news services and the pollsters say. We must vote we must help others vote especially in California. With proportion 8 to save marriage on the ballot we must get the vote out

    A presidential candidate comdems America

    Here is an observation I haven’t seen made Christian ministers pray for God’s direction and protection on John McCain and Sarah Palin. Barak Obama’s minister prays to send America to hell The Evangelicals and the Pentecostals pray for divine wisdom in our leaders regardless of party. The Muslim Extremists pray that America go to Hell. The Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and other Christian denominations | Read More »

    Why I cannot support the Democratic Party

    There is a verse in the bible that describes the last days of earth. It says that the people made that which was evil good and good evil. It describes much of what is going on in the society and in this political race today. The rabid left Hollywood Democrats of which Barak Obama has aligned himself have declared that it is evil to keep | Read More »