I love Romney’s new message

    Mitt Romney just released his new book, which discusses ways to revive America’s greatness, and he has been making appearances on the TV circuit. Romney discussed the “temptations of populism,” which is something that has become too prevalent in the GOP and is a worrisome trend. Far too many republicans are scornful of people who went to elite universities and live in places like manhattan, | Read More »

    Sarah Palin is not the next Reagan

    I know Sarah Palin is extremely popular among the conservatives, and this diary will probably arouse a lot of strong feelings. I consider myself a conservative independent, not aligned with either party but do vote GOP almost exclusively. Although the liberal media was a bit too harsh on Palin, I cannot bring myself to support her if she chooses to run for president. First, Palin | Read More »

    Polls are not going anywhere

    The most recent Gallup poll has Obama leading between 7 and 10 among likely voters. Although it’s not impossible to overcome such odds, with less than 2 weeks to go, the polls are not shifting in our favor. McCain is still running a lukewarm campaign, and the RNC and 527’s are just sitting around. What would need to happen in order for McCain to actually | Read More »

    Where are the hard hitting ads?

    With two weeks to go before the most important presidential election since 1980, where is the hard hitting ads that the GOP is known for? At this time in 2004, the Bush campaign has already defined Kerry as a weak indecisive liberal who is unfit to be commander-in-chief. And now, Obama is running circles around us, and the McCain camp is grasping at straws. The | Read More »

    Is the Powell endorsement the democrats’ October Surprise?

    I still can’t believe no one on this board has written about Colin Powell’s appearance on Meet the Press tomorrow. He is most likely going to endorse Obama, a move that will make the news for at least 3-4 days, thereby getting everything else off the news cycle. Just as McCain is coming back, this will be a devastating blow for his campaign. Can McCain | Read More »

    McCain’s missed opportunities

    Jay Nordlinger wrote down a list of 43 observations on last night’s debate, over the national review’s corner. Unfortunately, he thought McCain’s performance was mediocre. First, stylistically, McCain came across as angry, grumpy, and old. Obama was crisp, articulate, and dare I say, looked presidential. Nordlinger also confirmed my earlier observation that even in terms of content, McCain missed crucial opportunities. His description of John | Read More »

    Why voters think Obama won the debate

    All the insta polls showed that Obama won by a large margin. Why is this the case? It’s because McCain treated Obama as an acceptable equal and gave him way too much respect. Instead of calling him a socialist who doesn’t share mainstream American values, McCain limited his critiques to some policies but did not go for the jugular. Instead of pointing out how Obama’s | Read More »

    McCain blew it tonight

    Yes, he did better than the last two debates. But given how dismal his past performances were, that’s not saying much. He did do well in the beginning but began slipping and also missed several CRUCIAL opportunities. First, he never attacked obama’s “cutting taxes for 95% of Americans” lie. Obama has repeated that so many times without rebuttal that most people actually believe it. McCain | Read More »

    Colin Powell will endorse Obama

    I’m hearing from several reliable sources that Colin Powell will endorse Obama soon. If this happens, it is pretty much over for McCain. What a dismal campaign. Nothing has gone right this year.

    Possible bright spot of McCain losing

    With the way the race is looking, unless McCain obliterates Obama in tomorrow’s debate, ala Reagan 1980 or Clinton 1992, or if there is a devastating October Surprise, Obama will be the next president. So how should conservatives deal with this? One possible silver lining is that if he moves too far to the left, regarding taxes or social issues, republicans will regain congress in | Read More »