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    Corey Booker, Jeremiah Wright, and Political Truth

    Jeremiah Wright, the man formerly known as President Obama’s spiritual advisor, recently was heard on tape saying that the President was “selected” and not “elected”.  I never thought I’d be saying this but I agree with Jeremiah Wright!  This comment coupled with Corey Booker’s youtube clarification of his statements from “Meet the Press” this weekend best exemplify how American politics actually work. What people don’t realize | Read More »

    My Brigitte Gabriel Interview, Part I

    The other night, I conducted a Q&A interview with Brigitte Gabriel.  If you don’t know who she is than your really just not paying attention.  She is an NY Times bestselling author, as well as, the founder of Act! American Congress for Truth.  It is largest grassroots national security organization in the country.  In her words, they are striving to be the “NRA of National Security”.  | Read More »

    Sharia University

    Through high birth rates and funding to our top universities, Islam is slowly gaining ground in America.  This Christian nation is on a path to implosion….from within.  Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia are DIRECTLY influencing our young minds.  The millions of PETRO-dollars that are sent to them are blinding American universities.  It is truly shameful that hard working families are spending their life savings | Read More »

    Open Borders Are More of an ISLAM Problem than a Mexican One

    I recently just finished reading one of the most influential books I have EVER read.  I learned things about the terrorists and the Islamic religion that I have never heard before.  That’s not really too shocking considering the job our media has done to inform our citizens.  The book is called “Because They Hate” by Brigitte Gabriel.  Personally, I have never heard the anti-terrorist message | Read More »

    Is It Too Late?

    Is it too late for America?  Has our time passed?  The answer is no, its not too late, as long as we act NOW.  What is needed (at the federal level) is austerity, SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM, repeal of Obama-care, and a return of the unused TARP money.  Not to mention a federal hiring freeze and maybe some incentives for our companies to invest in America.  | Read More »

    The Great American Phase Out

    And so it begins. That’s what I was thinking when I saw the headline on the Drudge Report yesterday. Truthfully, the phase out of the American dollar by our “enemies”, China and Russia, is not so shocking…..for those who are informed. I was more baffled by the actions of the market, which were up more than 100 points. When I saw the headline, I thought…..“Here | Read More »