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    Dick Lugar’s Voting Record

    The other day I suggested Dick Lugar fire his new media guy.Let’s add another example to the list. His campaign sent out an email blast encouraging people to come to a site supporting Richard Mourdock to read a hit piece Lugar’s new media guy posted about Mourdock’s voting record.The offense? Not voting for John McCain in the Indiana GOP Primary in 2008.But what about Dick | Read More »

    Norman Ornstein to the Press Corps: Stop Covering the GOP Fairly to Stop Their Success

    “It is a soft form of the liberal fascism about which I’ve been warning. The GOP must be painted as extremist by the press, their point of view must be painted as fringe, and they must be shut up because they are too damn successful.” Norman Ornstein is the in house pet liberal at the American Enterprise Institute who they let out of his cage | Read More »

    Eric Cantor Doesn’t Want You. He Wants Democrats.

    This is more offensive than Cantor throwing his weight behind Adam Kinzinger’s re-election bid against Don Manzullo. He was successful there, but we need to shut him down in Indiana.The Republican Leader in the House of Representatives is not backing down from trying to drive up Democrat turnout in the Indiana Republican Primary.First, you have to wonder why a House guy is getting involved in | Read More »

    Conservatives Are Gaining, But Need Help Making Mitch McConnell’s Life Truly Miserable

    We’re about a week out from the Indiana Primary. Richard Mourdock now leads Barack Obama’s favorite Republican, Dick Lugar. But it is close. Surprisingly for so many conservative activists who backed Eric Cantor for his leadership position, the House Republican Leader has decided to engage in this and other races for the more moderate and liberal candidates. Whodathunk Eric Cantor would become like Mitch McConnell, | Read More »

    Morning Briefing for April 30, 2012

    RedState Morning Briefing April 30, 2012 Go to to getthe Morning Briefing every morning at no charge. 1. Conservatives Are Gaining, But Need Help Making Mitch McConnell’s Life Truly Miserable 2. A Killer Among Us? #ThingsObamaKilled 3. EPA and the White House Wash Their Hands of the ‘Crucifixion’ Mess 4. Eric Cantor Tries to Stop Stalwart Scott Keadle in NC-8

    A Killer Among Us? #ThingsObamaKilled

    As President of the United States, Barack Obama wants us to know he killed Osama Bin Laden. The SEALs? Pfffffftttt . . . nope. Barack Obama did it. If you don’t believe him, wait till the campaign commercials tell you. Don’t believe them? Well, just in time for the election, Hollywood will provide us with an in-kind contribution of a propaganda film.True, the President did | Read More »

    Death of the Moderate . . . Democrat

    It is worth noting that on Tuesday several moderate Democrats went down in flames in Pennsylvania, continuing a trend that has escalated since 2008. Liberals do not want moderate Democrats in their caucus.What is most interesting about it from a conservative perspective, however, is how there has not been a ton of coverage about the death of the blue dogs — more dogs dead in | Read More »


    Morning Briefing for April 27, 2012

      RedState Morning Briefing for April 27, 2012   Go to to get the  Morning Briefing every morning at no charge.   Yes, yes, we have a new look today.  It’s because I want your undivided attention and figured shaking things up would give it to me after you finished mumbling, “There he goes again.”   We’ll return to normalcy conservatives, I promise.  Why | Read More »

    Does Obama Have a Big Stick? #EERS

    Joe Biden thinks so.We’ll discuss it tonight on the radio. You can listen live tonight on the WSB live stream and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.The show starts at 6pm.At 8pm, Monica Perez is going to rescue me from my root canal and take over.Consider this an open thread.

    A Nobody With No Audience Gets Noticed by Mitch McConnell

    Yesterday on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, she asked Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell about a recent Roll Call article that framed me as one of the loud leaders of conservatives opposed to Mitch McConnell. The Senator from Kentucky responded that he had never heard of me and I did not have an audience.That sounds a bit like the child, when asked if he ate the | Read More »